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Conveying bulk and general cargo

The transport of materials within a process is one of the core competences of Dürmeier GmbH. We also find solutions for your specific tasks:

  • From only a few kilograms up to 10,000 tons per hour and more

  • Connecting closely-positioned stations of a production process or bridging several hundred meters between the extraction and processing areas in the mining industry

  • From fine sand to grain sizes of > 1 m

  • Height differences > 100 m

  • Extreme ambient temperatures (-40° C to +60° C)


Examples of what you could receive from us:

  • Conveyor belts for horizontal and inclining transport routes

  • Corrugated conveyor belts for horizontal and vertical transport routes

  • Screw conveyors for horizontal and inclining transport routes

  • Discharge conveyors for a material discharge from silos (with or without scales)

  • Elevators/bucket elevators for vertical transport routes

  • Feed troughs and conveyor tubes with vibration technology for horizontal transport routes

  • Pneumatic conveyors for horizontal and inclining transport with compressed air

The individual products can be equipped with the following special functions:

  • Tripper carriages or plough scrapers

  • Covered transfer points

  • Stationary or movable design

  • Reversible function

  • Weighing function

  • Sensor, measurement and control technology of any kind

  • Metal separator

  • Rising conveyor aerators

  • Belt safety catcher

  • Weight tensioning station

  • Needle gates

  • Throttle valve

  • Maintenance walkway or platform

  • Impact bars

  • Variable number of feeding and discharge points

  • Frequency converter, softstart function, hydraulic start-up clutch

  • Lifting tables

  • Transfers

  • Grippers

Maximum Reliability

Dürmeier GmbH stands for what "Made in Germany" is famous for: The highest art of engineering, perfection in product quality. Our plants and systems are designed for long-term industrial usage. But also affordable, efficient and resource-saving. Minimal maintenance, economic energy consumption, equipped with noise protection measures on request.