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Removal of Contamination

Refractory materials, such as foundry sand is freed from clots, castings and other contamination. Depending on the base material and types of contamination, we use sieves and magnet technology. That's how we reach a high level of resource quality and therefore form the basis for a high-quality end product.

Material Segregation

Material flows, for example excavation material in the mining industry, can be segregated according to grain size, material properties, etc. in order to classify the components for automatic processing.

Segregation Technology

We find the suitable segregation technology solution for your tasks which are both cost-effective and efficient - from minimal quantities (fine sorting) to the highest throughput (foundries). We select the components from our flexible modular system and put them together for you. Examples of what we deploy:

  • Polygon screens

  • Flat screens

  • Multiple screens

  • Separator troughs and vibrating screeners

  • Magnetic drums

  • Magnet conveyor belts

What's great about (screening) systems from Dürmeier GmbH is that they can be intelligently integrated into the process. For smooth production and a stable level of quality every day.