Mining, Gravel and Cement Works, Extracting Rare Earth Elements

Do you have special requirements for your plant components for the extraction of your resources such as gold, ore, nickel, zinc, diamonds, etc.? For example:

The resources have to be extracted in remote regions of the world and are exposed to difficult climatic conditions of below -40 Grad Celsius?

You have the highest demands on operational availability and have to extract up to 10,000 tons/hour 24/7 with a grain size of up to 500 mm of waste material or aggregate?

You require very stable transport systems across long distances from the storage area to the production plant?

You are urgently looking for suppliers who are not deterred by power ratings of > 1 MW or backstop controls for loads of more than 1 ton?

Then you can rely on our tailor-made solutions and experience in the mining industry.

Additionally, we are a competent partner of cement and gravel works and support you in all tasks concerning material flows. Please don't hesitate to contact us.